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Default Re: Is this cheating or unethical?

Originally Posted by pixiesmoon View Post
There are some things in this business that you keep to yourself. If you have been making tutus for your kids, researching and trying different ways to make them.. then you should be comfortable enough to sell them.

Each person will have a different take on this, somw will feel you are flat out copying, others will say sure why not, your not reselling their product. To me it is NOT something you flat our discuess with other businesses, if you do it, do it quietly, if not then dont.

Your entering a very competative world out there, you need to know it takes time to get your name out there. Etsy is FLOODED with all these things. Go for it, but make sure when youare ready to sell you are confident that you make a well made tutu. A business owner must be able to stand behind HER product.
THIS! Well said!
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