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Default Is this cheating or unethical?

Hi All -

I'm brand new to this community and am excited to find all of you wonderfully crafty ladies!

And I'm really hoping for some advice/feedback/suggestions

Here is my dilemma:
I have young daughters and have enjoyed making tutus for them. I would like to start selling tutus to make a little extra money, and I because I really enjoy making them. I've spent a lot of time figuring out how I feel is the best way I can make them, watched videos, read tutorials, and more than anything tried out different methods and techniques.

My husband has suggested that before I start selling my tutus, I purchase 4 or 5 tutus from some of the different Etsy shops that appear to have very well made tutus and have a high volume of sales. He feels like this would be a good business investment to see not only how each tutu is made, but also look at packaging and overall presentation and use this to possibly refine my technique and to simply see how others make their tutus in person.

Do you feel like this is cheating or bad business practices?? Others I've talked to always say 'no', and argue that most brands are fully aware of what competitors products are like and have usually tested their products against competitors so that they can have the best product possible. It doesn't seem that weird for a big name brand to do this, but on this small business, working out of our home type of level, would you consider this a bad move?

I'd love your feedback and honest advice, you won't hurt my feelings if you feel strongly either way
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