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Default Re: Attaching peacock feathers to tutu?

Originally Posted by mum2tianna View Post
I was hoping someone might have some suggestions? I'm just finishing up a tutu dress with crochet top. I want to add peacock feathers, but trying to thing of the best way to add them to make sure they are attached well. Thanks in advance for any help
I'm not sure this makes sense, and I don't have a tutu in front of me right now, so it might not work anyway.... I wonder if you could put the base of the feather in with the slip knot, and maybe use a dab of glue, so it would be under the slip knot? It might look kind of stiff though...depends what you want your final look to be. If you want them to be more "flow-y", then you could glue/tie them to some thin ribbon or even fishing line, and tie that to the crochet top, and again, use glue at the knot (very carefully, not messy)?

I don't know, I have a couple of ideas, but it would depend on the desired result...
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