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Default Re: When making stacked boutique bows is the bottom bow (pinwheel bow)really necessar

When I first started making bows, I always did the bottom bow, spikes, loops, top bow, and topper.

Now, according to what style/mood/size I'm in or going for, determines what goes into the "stack". Sometimes I do the base bow, sometimes not. I make all my boutique bows freehand, and rarely ever make anything else unless it's a tails down cheer or two loop topper.

I think everyone should learn by the book, but go out and make your own style and try new things. That's what sets you apart, and thats a good thing!

In bow making, there are definitely right and wrong ways of doing things. That being said, if you construct a well-sewn bow that has even loops, and is of high quality, I think your customers will respond well to that.

What I'm trying to say is, do your own thing and be proud of your bows :-)
Sheila Rinehart
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