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Default Rhinestone help!!! 911

They're shifting with no iron wiggle. I had some already set up on transfer sheets and it's just a catastrophic failure. Does anyone have any ideas? Have no e-6000 in the house either and I'm about to lose my mind. I have 3 hours to my meeting and I am really not ready.

Never have had this happen and I just can't figure out what I'm doing or not doing that I've done (or not done) previously. Tested on fabric and that was fine... iron wasn't too hot but on ribbon it's a hot mess.

I need to fix this for the future if anyone can help me. I figure I can buy some time and ask if she'd like to see samples with some rhinestone bling on them and that I can set up some custom design ideas to buy some time and seal this deal. I feel like a jerk going into this half prepared.

I need to go salvage a bow.... cross fingers that goes well or I'm down one. Wish I'd had a week to prep =(
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