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Default Rhinestone Bow -Heavy!

Okay... I am definitely not a cheer bow newbie, as I've made my fair share of bows, but this has me stumped. My daughter is a senior and gets to wear one "special" senior bow that is custom for her (for one game during football & one during basketball). She wants a rhinestone covered bow. I had a spare extra single layer bow laying around from my last order so I added rhinestones to it on the tails (6 rows), 3 rows across the top, 1 row across the bottom and covered the middle. It is BEAUTIFUL but.... HEAVY! I obviously wasn't thinking when I used a pre-made not stiff or reinforced-back bow.

Do any of you have any ideas how I can "line" the backside of the bow now that it's made or a way to reinforce the inside of the loops to make it stronger?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! I'll post a pic when I get done with it... it's pricey (although I used leftover rhinestones so it didn't cost me anything) but she will definitely be blingy and beautiful!


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