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Default Re: Applique questions

The stabilizer goes on the inside of the shirt to keep the material from stretching too much as you sew on it. Use the fusible kind.
I use wonder under for my appliques. The wonder under has a paper side to draw images on, then you iron that (paper side away from fabric) onto the fabric you are using (not the shirt). Cut out the image (fabric is ironed onto it). Transfer any lines that are inside your image (I hold the fabric upto a window so that the image shows through and lines are easier to trace). Peel the paper off the fabric/wonder under, and iron the image onto the outside of the shirt. The fabric will be ironed onto the shirt, but you still need to sew it on. I usually set my machine to 2" width (makes a narrow zigzag)-3" (wider width zigzag). I set the length to .5" (that the lowest my machine will go before hitting 0")
If you don't want to sew the applique on, you can use heavy wonder under. Apply it the same way, but you can finish up by using puffy fabric paint instead of sewing. No need to use a stabilizer if you're not sewing the applique on.
There are alolt of different stabilizers out there... I like to use the cheapest fusible that I can find, since I end up cutting all the excess stabilizer off.
Good luck and have lots of fun!

Of course there are programs out there that actually tell you when to put the fabric down and it sews it for you.... I have not used these programs yet and do not know how they actually work!

I don't know how understandable my directions are, and I apologize for my bad spelling!
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