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Default Ugh - stupid glue gun....

I bought this Surebonder detail glue gun and I LOVED it for the whole 3 hours that it worked. The trigger broke - I was not putting a lot of pressure on it either.
So I took it back to Hobby Lobby & traded it in - I was hoping it was a fluke. Nope - worked for a couple of days (not heavy bow days) and I threw the receipt and the packaging away yesterday. Well, the trigger just broke again.
Dh said he may be able to fix it, but not to hold my breath - he has it apart in the other room operating on it.

I am using my husband's old glue gun in the meantime and I NEED a new one. This one is so stringy and globby. It can't be the glue sticks - they are the same ones I was using......

Any recommendations for an inexpensive glue gun with a detail tip, on/off switch that actually WORKS for more than a couple of days??????? Am I asking too much?
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