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Default Need someone to test out my new bottle cap images


I am just in the process of creating bottle cap images that I will be selling on etsy and on my Facebook page. These are 1" bottle cap images (made slightly larger so that you don't get a white ring around the image when you punch it out). They are for 4x6 photo paper. I need someone to print these on photo paper and punch them out to see how well they work. My printer and laptop don't seem to be compatible (I will have to fix this!) and I don't have my 1" punch that I ordered off etsy yet. So if someone wants 2 free bottle cap image files and wants to print them and punch them and then give me feedback I would appreciate it. I made these images as a Word file so that anyone can print them and you don't need a program such as photoshop.

The first person to comment with their email address (and must have a printer, 4x6 photo paper and a 1" round punch) will get a little mermaid and a hello kitty holiday image files emailed to them. What I want you to do after you print and punch is email me back and let me know if the images were all properly placed on the photo paper and if they were the right size for punching out. If they worked fine you can then use the files
for your own crafts or make bottlecaps and sell them, but please do not sell the image files.

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