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Default Re: lil hiccups tutorial

Originally Posted by tif_ki View Post
Alright ladies, I think im about to break down and purchase the tutorial you all rave about =) I've read all the tips on here for the TBB and have learned so much. Just have a few quick questions so that I know what I'm getting myself into. When I make my TBB's I have never used a template, sally clip, or gator bite. (maybe that's why they aren't the way I want them to look! lol) Does Daisy's tutorial require any of these tools? If so could you let me know so I know what all I need to purchase. Thanks a ton Hip Girls =)
I am sorry no one replied! I just saw this!!! I am a simple girl....all you need is your ribbon, your needle/thread, scissors, lighter!

And if you click purchase with video you get BOTH!!!

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