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Default Re: advice on covered mini top hat

Yes, they both look handmade. Although neither of these look sewn. There are many patterns for sewing Mini Top Hats, but it really isn't much fun!

Here is one I made to match a dress, no sewing at all.
Fabric, trimming, guimpe (to cover the edges) and Timtex (Heavyweight Iron on stablizer) and hot glue. I used this free Tute...which has several different sizes
I traced the pattern pieces on cardboard, one set with the seam allowances and one without.
First I cut out the Timtex to the pattern without the seam allowances.
Then I cut the fabric out WITH seam allowances, I gave myself a bit more than 1/4" maybe about 3/8".
I ironed the Timtex pieces to the wrong side of the fabric (in the center) then folded over the edges and hot glued them down. Then I assembled the hat with hot glue.
It may take a few tries to get it looking nice, or maybe not
Remember, you can hide most flaws with embellishments!

Hope this helps!

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