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Default Re: advice on covered mini top hat

I have seen some top hats that are covered in fabric and they look so good. The fabric doesn't look wrinkled, it' nice and smooth. Here is what I am guessing at how they did these:

the second hat looks like it was likely sewn, based on the seams at the top of the hat. So I am guessing that that hat was handmade, or else they have a pattern they made/found so they can sew a fabric sleev to cover the hats.

The second hat, this is my guess. I am thinking that they covered it in sections. Such as cutting a piece to cover the top, the brim and the crown. I am guessing this because of where the trim is in the hat. I think the trim is covering the parts where the fabric pieces meet. The hat gives a decorative look as well as hiding the spots where the fabric meets and is not finished.

Hope that helps some. I have been wanting to try to cover my top hats in fabric since i like the look of it. However, I found a tutorial that suggested making a pattern and then sewing a sleeve/skin that would slide over the hat and fit perfectly, and it just came out a mess!

So I am going to try playing around with gluing the fabric on with pieces and then covering the spots where oyu can see the fabric edges. I think spray adhesive would be the best. I find that hot glue leaves bumps and ridges in some place as it is hard to get it completely flat and even all over the hat.
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