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Default Re: cheer bow question!

Originally Posted by woodkins View Post
I taught myself how to do the wave design by working with paper templates. I cut paper to the length and width of my 3" ribbon base. I then marked the paper where I would be making my folds (just like I mark actual ribbon). I then drew the shape of the "wave" onto the ribbon until I got it the way I liked it. I then traced those shapes onto cardboard and used them as templates to cut whatever fabric or ribbon I was using for the wave & made my bow the same way I always do.

It is actually really simple to make. I have attached a picture so you can see how my wave bow looks, the pink wave bow in the photo is actually a double wave (you just do the mirror image on the opposite side).
TFS~! do you have any picutres you would share of the way bow before you folded it. I keep trying but they do not come out so I am wondering how many "waves" you do in the tempate..
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