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Default Re: Bottlecap questions for the Pros :D

Hi there,

I have found that most of my customers do not have a preference. I use the Flat Caps as a standard and those seem to get positive reviews. I have only had one customer ask for Regular Caps.

I do not like to use the sticker maker because I personally had the images not stay. What I do, and it works the best I have found, is to take a knife, or I use needle nose pliers and scratch the surface of the cap (this helps the adhesive stick better - trust me this works
Then I use a very light application of Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive Photo Safe Glue 3M. This bonds within seconds and holds! Once my image is placed on the glue, I hold it for just a few seconds, then place a heavy book or in most cases my glass cutting board on top of it. Then once I go back and apply the epoxy a few minutes later.

I hope that helps. I know it is a miracle worker for me. Good luck!
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