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Default Re: Free tuts - people not caring

Just as an FYI for anyone who feels ignored or that folks don't care:

I don't often have the time to do much research online, but this evening was one of the rare occasions that I did.

I found this site a few days ago and happened upon instructions on covering hair clips. Naturally I didn't bookmark it, so I took the opportunity tonight to try to find it. I thought it would be easy to find....especially with the search feature. It wasn't. In fact I still haven't found it.

What I wanted to say to the person who seems to feel people don't care is this:

I've spent 4 hours on this site alone this evening, and I barely scratched the surface. It is very hard to find that kind of time and, as people post and reply, etc., your particular post gets pushed further and further back. 1st you get moved to page 2, then 3 and so on.

Many of you may have heard that a person reading a paper on pretty much any subject, only reads a small part of that paper. I don't remember exactly how much but it's something like the first paragraph or sentence. In my experience during classes and hanging with friends, doing crafts with family or showing things to my grandkids, people don't often click on 'next' or page 2, 3, 4, etc. on forums. I myself don't often do it as what I wanted to find is generally on page 1 and I don't have time to view other versions that have been posted by members.

Tonight I had time and it was well worth it. Just thought you should know that it is most likely not that people don't care.

By the way......thank you for your post. I did try to check out the link and it was broken. Sent a message to that sites' webmaster so they can fix it.

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