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Talking Re: Bottle cap problems..

I would have to agree, i started out using a glue gun, bet got feed up with the mess and the fact that they would sometime fall of.

Here is what i do

Stick my epoxy dot to image, Cut it out and any remaining of (i dont have a hole punch yet but am looking for one)

I normally make a few at a time, i then run it through a sticker machine i have.

this is the one i have

I then scratch my bottle cap just a little not a lot and apply a small amount of super glue before applying my image, i think this is just for piece of mind as well.

When i attach my bottle top to my bow i superglue a small piece of ribbon to the other side of the bottlecap then glue it on with superglue as the same priniciple applies to attaching it to your bow.

This thread might help

Carrie x
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