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Default Re: Photo Thieves....Ongoing Thread

I hope all of you ladies in here are smart enough to know that you need to post pictures of products that you have made and not use someone else's photos. If you can't make it then don't post pics of someone else's product. Practice Practice Practice until you can do it yourself and take pride in your creations. Dont be lazy and take your own photos. When you use pics that dont belong to you then you are telling others out there that you are not an ethical person. I have seen wholesalers and group buy hosts not allow others to participate in their buys or sell to them due to the fact that they have a reputation for being unethical. You dont want that to happen to you so dont do it.

If you are in buys or hosting a buy make sure you take your own photos as well. About 90% of the time those China suppliers are using a photo of a product that wasn't theirs. It belonged to someone who handmade the item they are supplying to hosts. Meaning your product may not look as good as the pic once you get it. That is why more hosts are buying samples before they make purchases so they can take their own pics and post them to their groups.

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