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Default Re: Need someone to help with Bow pics =]

Originally Posted by kryss05 View Post
I've been making bows for a while now, and am going to start putting them on a site and in an actual boutique 1st part of August SO EXCITED!
I'm looking for someone to "fix" my pics lol the only camera I own is on my iphone and I always take the pics with a white background but in the pics it doesn't look super white. So I'm looking for someone who can make the background whiter, put my boutique name and make it sparkle I guess you could say to make it online presentable =] Please let me know how much you would charge per pic to fix and I will get back to you ASAP. =]

Thanks so much in advance! =]
Thanks to everyone's help I've done it!!!! I don't know how to add images on here but they came out perfect!!!!!! thanks soooo much!!!
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