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Default Re: Specialty Tape: D670 fillet tape

The good news is that I was able to post the pic. The bad news is that even when you click it some of the wording is too small to read so Iíll quote the entire label here:

#D670 Fillet Tape (TM). Double-sided Ultra High Bond Tape to adhere to backside of mat, wood or metal fillets (head bands).

Specialty Tapes (R)

4221 Courtney Road - Franksville, WI 53126 - Tel: 262-835-0748 - Fax 262-835-0749.

Made in USA

If you would like to see a larger pic check out the opening post of jyoung434ís destash thread. Although I believe that destash threads are periodically deleted so it may not be there much longer.

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