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Default Re: Need someone to help with Bow pics =]

Originally Posted by kryss05 View Post
I've been making bows for a while now, and am going to start putting them on a site and in an actual boutique 1st part of August SO EXCITED!
I'm looking for someone to "fix" my pics lol the only camera I own is on my iphone and I always take the pics with a white background but in the pics it doesn't look super white. So I'm looking for someone who can make the background whiter, put my boutique name and make it sparkle I guess you could say to make it online presentable =] Please let me know how much you would charge per pic to fix and I will get back to you ASAP. =]

Thanks so much in advance! =]
Congratulations! I would suggest taking your pictures in natural lighting on a white or black background. You can then upload your pictures to and brighten the background.

If you want to add your name or logo to your pictures, you can do so by using

All of this is super easy. It just takes time.

I hope I've helped. Good luck.
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