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Default Double sided Specialty Tape, D670, Tuff Tape

I posted this under “Product Reviews” earlier but it looks like that forum is for the OP to post a review so this looks like the best place to post.

This is a spin off of my earlier post about duct tape covered composition note books but I am now asking specifically about Specialty Tape, D670, Tuff Tape and whether it works well in adhering one smooth duct tape surface to another.

I’d appreciate feedback from anyone that has worked with this double sided tape and duct tape together.



Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
Has anyone used this with duct tape?

I have made a couple of duct tape covered composition journals and I would like to try and apply an accordion pocket made of duct tape (or a perhaps one made from a polyvinyl material from a UPS mailer) to the front of the duct tape journal.

Is this likely to do the trick? If so, would one strip along each edge be enough to hold the pocket, and whatever that pocket is likely to hold: pencils, erasers and maybe even something as heavy as a cell phone? Or should I cover the whole surface of the back of the pocket before applying it to the duck taped surface?


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