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Default Re: How can I make a shabby chiffon flower?

Originally Posted by crazyhairbows View Post
I made one, they are machine made you need a strip of chiffon and a tulle circle for the base. You start on the out and sew through the middle of the chiffon strip you sew a u shape up and down. 1 u up and 1 u down all ther way around the circle. Then you sew into the middle of the circle and stitch in a circle until you get to the outside of the the u shape stitch a little onto the edge of the u shape.

I will say the time and material are not worth the trouble it is much cheeper to buy them from

But it was fun to have a go.
I was trying to make these myself too! You can make them by hand for sure but I just can't figure out how!

I'm having trouble understanding how you explained this though. Might just be me. Any further instructions?
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