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Originally Posted by Tinkerbell5 View Post
I hot glue the flowers to the ribbon. It holds great. Then I cut a piece of felt in the shape of the design so that you can't see it from the front. Then I glue or sew to the entire back of the ribbon (this would be against moms tummy) to hold it all together well. There are a lot of awesome flower tuts out there to use and the ribbon length depends on size of moms waist. I usually customize mine to size and leave enough for a nice size bow, just in case they want to flip it around and use just the bow for a prop. Also, these are great as newborn baby props (just lay it across naked newborn) or an up scale headband with long satin tails

Yes! This is spot on.

Originally Posted by mommy_to_2 View Post
how does it stay on the mommys belly for pictures? you should make a tutorial, i'd be it depending on price!

You just tie it around the back of the mom. It is not difficult at all.
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