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Default Re: Looking for a++ tutu makers to buy tut's

Originally Posted by Mrs.BowlingtheBowMaker View Post
Everyones opinion is not going to be the same on who has the "best" tut. And your fairly new to the board so try searching instead of asking right of the bat for the best of the best. Welcome to HG with a little searching this will become your best friend! The ladies here have a lot to offer!
Hi! i think i spent a good... 3 hours+ searching the site but i couldn't find any tuts for tutus. I am looking for high revenue quality which i plan to sell at a lower price i literally searched the "how to" thread up to like page 30 or something =/ so i was hoping the best of the best with tuts would flock to this so i dont have a repeat of yesterdays eye burning search lol thanks for posting .. VERY grateful to have found this site you all seem to have great ideas and great outcomes on your projects.. Seems like a great board so far and looking forward to meeting alot of you!
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