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Default Re: Are my prices too high?

I agree with Kandy's Kustom Bows!

It stinks that someone will undercut you, but I guess it's part of it.. Personally, I think your bows are absolutely stunning and I think you're pricing is appropriate!
On the forum you are a part of, is there a way to privately show your bows to potential clients? That could be a way to make sure nobody undercuts you. It may not be reasonable for all sales.. for instance if you wanted to post a picture of a bow to try and sell, but maybe if someone were to say, "can you make a bow to match?" you could PM them instead of replying to the thread? I'm assuming that the forum is set up like this... and I don't know how much of my question made sense, but it's an idea.
Unfortunately selling publicly it's hard to be private, but knowing a particular user will try to grab a sale from under you there might be a way to use discrepancy in your sales.
Just a thought!
Keep on doing what you're doing, because your work is something to be proud of!
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