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Default Re: Are my prices too high?

First let me say that your bows are beautiful and full of embellishments and different ribbon. Do you have a bottom layer to the bows? Like a larger bow on the bottom? Imo the prices you charge are maybe a little high if there is no bottom, but if there is then you are right on. These are around the prices i charge for my bows, but i make mine a little bigger.

You charge whatever you feel comfortable charging. There will always be someone that will unercut you with whatever you do. Most of the time, they will buy the bows from that other person, and they will be crap bows. Yours look very well put together, and they will see the difference.

Shame on the others for offering to make them cheaper when you were dealing with a customer. I dont know what group you were in, but that is just wrong.
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