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Default Are my prices too high?

I feel I had come a long way with my bows. I spent a long time trying to make perfect bows (even spikes, baking them, etc), bought templates, tutorials, etc. I calculated the cost of materials vs work time, etc and I got some sales already. Everything was going fine. I don't feel that $10.75 for a bottlecap bow on Etsy is too expensive. I am offering a product that in my opinion is very good quality.

I promoted at a children clothing forum and someone wanted to buy one of my character bows and suddenly three other sellers are offering the same bow I have that they don't even have on stock saying that they will make it and the prices ranges are between $6 to $8. I lost a 40 dollars sale and now I am wondering if my bows are too expensive.

I try to sell all at the same price because if I price a bow for 7, one for 9 and one for 10.75 I think it will show a price contradiction. I am asking for $10.75 for regular bottlecap bows and $12.75 for bows with resins or clay centers. I will add OTT for $15. I want to have a real business that gives me a profit, not a business to please moms who can't appreciate or compare a good work from another. Venting. I know there is a lot of competition.

Here are some examples of what I sell.
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