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Default Re: PICTURE of the 1st hair bow I sold!!

Originally Posted by salex142 View Post
The ribbon i used was 7/8" but for the surround loops was 3/8. I am going to try practicing the twisted bow a little bit more so that I can use the surround loops. Thanks everyone for the advice!!!
I haven't tried selling my bows because I'm still in the practicing stage. But Like mlhardison1 said I too have used surrounds around the classic style bows. I don't think there are only for the tbb, its just personal preference.

I also like satin ribbon but agree that it is harder to work with. I know my cousin and a couple of her friends prefer satin classic bows to grosgrain classic or grosgrain tbb.

The only thing I see, not sure if its maybe because of the pic, is that the wrong side of the satin ribbon is showing on the bottom half of the top bow. If you really like satin maybe try doublefaced satin or just be careful when folding to turn the ribbon if needed so that the shiny side shows where you want it to.
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