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Default Re: flip flops with bows, how to?

Originally Posted by LCMays View Post
there are a bunch of threads asking the same question, so if you search you can find a lot of opinions. I think the consensus is that E6000 works best and hot glue can't take the wear and tear. I know some use zip ties to attach the bows and I think that is a super idea! HTH!

Oh man! I have been absent from this site for a while, but I have gone through the first 20 pages and didn't see anything on this.. maybe I didn't pay attention. Sorry for the double post...

I use wire for the thicker bows to stick together, but didn't know how that would work with the flip flops. The zip ties is a great idea! Yes, I would think that a glue gun would only hold up for so long, but I didn't know how well E6000 would work since it takes longer to dry. I guess it's one of those trial by error situations. I will try to use the search to see what kind of tips I can find!
Thank you!
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