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Default Re: Ugly?

I agree that the feedback area on etsy would be best if that's where the issue is. That way we can see it when we go to order.
If I see it here i may or may not remember when I get to any shop. It's just not that personable on etsy anymore.
If it happened here and you can't contact the member then certainly I' would call them out to see if you get a response (prior to leaving fb) because this comes up. Sometimes something sells here and then you see a member hanging out but they won't pay or respond.. Or pay for something and can't get a message back about shipment but there's the member posting somewhere LOL. In that case I say spill it!!

It stinks. Some etsy shops don't care as much - Like selling there is just a hobby! I ran into a hg member who sold there. Purchased twice (because I believed the excuses) and every purchase here and there took WEEKS for anything to happen. In which case I used etsy fb for the rating/review.
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