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Default Re: Copyright Issues When Making Bottle Caps?

Hmm. I'm going to avoid the First Sale portion of your question. If you are buying an image sheet that was created by the seller ( I mean if the graphics were DRAWN ( or created in photoshop or wherever ) by the seller (and they aren't copying a well known image ie Mickey Mouse) then you are buying an image sheet that is clearly intended for you to create and sell items from it (of course many sellers indicate that their images are for personal use only)

If you are buying an image sheet with obviously copywritten material - Disney, Marvel, Hello Kitty, Sports Teams ETC then I can 99% guarantee you the person sold it to you illegally and if you were to do anything with them it would be illegal as well. But hey so is downloading music right? Everyone does it. (note..that last comment was sarcastic - I am a graphic designer and would not appreciate anyone stealing my graphics just like musicians and actors don't want their movies or music stolen. Reselling the images/mp3s/movies is even worse and a very real crime)

But like I said, if the images were created by the artist with their intentions that the buyer (aka you) would be creating and selling crafts with them.. then you should feel free to do so. Ask the person you bought from or revisit their website if you are unsure.
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