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Default Re: Key chain cheer bow and Hip Girl Amazon store front

Sorry for the late response.

Duct tape are discontinued at our website because nobody wants them. I just listed a roll of damask duct tape for you so you can use any coupon code you have. please click the link below. This pattern is currently out of stock and will be available by Wednesday. We'll ship as soon as we get it.



Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
Has anyone here made a key chain cheer bow with duct / Duck tape? The Hip Girl instructions below look pretty simple (I’ve never made any cheer bows, of any size or type) but I’m wondering how much harder the material is to work with, especially on something this small.

Hip Girl key chain cheer bow: _id=14519

Also, I found this beautiful “Baroque” / damask Duck tape pattern on the Hip Girl Amazon store front, but not at the store linked here. Am I doing something wrong? Could I use the coupon code over at Amazon? Or should I contact someone to see if I can buy it through the store I am familiar with, using Pay Pal?

Hip Girl Amazon Store front

In case I don’t get a response here, is there a better place in the forum to post my question about Amazon?

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