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Default Re: Gluing or taping a Tyvex pocket to a composition notebook

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
another idea (that also may not work!) . . . is there a way that you could duct tape the envelope onto the notebook . . . have the duct tape extend 1/2" onto the envelope on 3 sides . . . and where the opening is just d/tape the back of the envelope?
I considered something like this but I can't think of any way to do this without having it be too floppy or messy. If I cut the back of the pocket off to tape it down from the inside of the pocket, then I lose the structure and stability that I wanted by starting with a pre-fabricated envelope. If I don't cut the back and tape it from the outside edges then the back will be loose unless I adhere it with glue or double sided tape.


Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
any chance you sew? cause a fabric cover would be soooo much easier!
No, I don't sew. In any case I like the reduced bulk of the duct tape and I have a fair amount of money invested in duct tape at this point.

That plus the fact that the duct tape is in vogue right now.

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