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Default Re: Gluing or taping a Tyvex pocket to a composition notebook

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
i don't know if this would work . . . and may be more cost effective . . . but i'd 1st try heat & bond - the heavier stuff - i think it's called "ultra" . . . and use an old sheet as a pressing cloth over it.

I never would have thought of that, but that's why I asked!

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
now that i think about it - the folder/envelope might be toooo heavy for the heat/glue to be activated . . . another idea would be permanent spray adhesive????? i don't know the thickness of the envelope you're using.

The Tyvex envelope I would be using is extremely thin and light weight, but the heat would have to go through the front and the back of the envelope. Perhaps the bigger problem --actually the real problem with any adhesive-- is that once the envelope is adhered I will be dressing that up with duct tape as well, and the duct tape is fairly heavy. Although, I might be able to use the lighter, thinner packing tape. Some of the Duck Brand, and perhaps the Scotch brand duct tape patterns come in matching packing tape patterns. Hello Kitty for example.

In case you are curious, I am starting with the envelope to give the pocket more structure (including an accordion fold) than it would have if I tried to create it from scratch out of duct tape.

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
i hope they appreciate the work you're putting into these!
Right now I'm in the planning and tinkering stage. Even if I make it to the production stage they are too young to really appreciate the effort involved in this. But if I wind up with something that captures their imagination and engages them in reading and writing then it will definitely have been worth it.

Ideally I'd like to optimize portablity by putting a strap closure on it and about 2 feet of 3/4" ribbon to use as a strap. I figure if it looks like a pocketbook and they can put girly knick knacky things in the pocket they are more likely to carry it around.

Of course that would be way to elaborate to make enough of them as favors for DD1's B-Day party in the fall. But I'd love to make one BookPocket (c) or NotePocket (c) for each of them.


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