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Originally Posted by SmashToTheLey View Post
Thank ya'll so much for the input & ideas.

@SqueakerBee, My sewing skills are still VERY beginner & I'm not familiar enough with my machine to get the proper tension for the zig zag stitch, it comes out a HOT mess so #2 is out & for #1, I have fallen in love with my Xyron Sticker Maker & that's how I layered those. I've seen where people have complained about it not sticking & I think they accidently got the repositionable & not the permanent adhesive tape. Before that, I had tried to use Fabric Fusion which was an EPIC fail because all it did was get hard :-/ Is the E-6000 flexible or does it harden as well?
Well, if you're super-zealous, the globby parts of lots of glue will be stiff. Like I said, if you spread it (I recently used the tip of a toothpick with EXCELLENT results) to smear it nice and thin, it was flexible and great. Even just a smidge stiff enough to help give the bow some shape, which I like! The bow that I did that with, if you want to see, is on my etsy site. It's the one that's Dr Seuss one-fish-two-fish as a cheer style bow. (Because why can't grade school kids have their own cheer bows? I LOVE THOSE THINGS.)
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