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Default Re: Reliable Cutting Machine?

Originally Posted by EncoreCheerBows View Post
I definitely need it for mainly fabric, but I'm going to be need to making custom shapes and designs. I don't think a Sizzix can do that. Can it?
Check out the Zing cutter. I just purchased one and I am amazed at the things you can do with it. It comes with the software called Make The Cut that is very user friendly plus there are message boards at several places that will help you with most any question. It has a greater cutting force then the Silhouette or Gazelle which is very important if you are cutting heavier fabrics. It also has a 14" cutting width. If you are cutting vinyl for for wall decorations,etc. it will cut the full lenght of your vinyl where most other machines limit you to the length of the mat. I researched this forever before I bought and honestly IMO it is the best machine I found for the price.
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