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Default Re: Cricut Cutting Machine????

{snip}.." the "CHEER" cut out didnt cut too well. I had to trim alot of it. Any tips or ideas on how i can fix this? "

A couple of ideas:

Use your double cut function. I've found that with any intricate cuts and especially with small point true type fonts that it helps tremendously to double cut. Also try backing your speed down to 1, then go have a sandwich or glass of tea while you wait.

Fontwise, try out some of the LetteringDelights fonts by "scrapnfonts" in the online store. They tend to be chunkier and are designed as cutting files, so they often cut cleaner than many of theTTFs. There are TTFs that cute beautifully- I have a list of the better ones for cutting if you are interested.

Keep the mat sticky. If it's kinda crusty, try a lint roller, washing with dawn dishwashing soap and air drying, or resticking it with krylon easy tack.

Blades wear down with fabric super fast, far quicker than the six months or so I get with paper. Inspect it before every use to make sure it isn't chipped, and replace doubtful blades. If you have one that has never cut well, it may be defective. Silhouette is great about replacing bad blades if you suspect that's the problem.

And it all else fails: try using fabric transfer media. Works like a charm every single stinkin time, and is available in fab colors and patterns, even holographic. I've even used rubber stamps with heat embossing and gotten great results.

information overload, probably, but I hope it helps!

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