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Originally Posted by LCMays View Post
I found a similar version. This one has the shoes done so perfectly. How did they do that?!?!

That ribbon is printed that way- black ink on pink ribbon . I bought 5 yards of it on ebay about 6 years ago and made a bow quite similar and had it on my website. The owner of that bow company contacted me and threatened to sue saying I stole her idea and ribbon. I had never heard of her or seen her bow- I just bought the ribbon and used the idea from a similar bow using felt I had seen in a dance store! We went back and forth a while and she told me that the ebay seller had no right to sell her ribbon ans she would sue them too. I contacted the ribbon seller and it turns out they bought a 50 yard spool from the Offray outlet- it had been custom printed, but there was extra. Anyway, I didn't want problems, so I took it off my site, but I still sold my bows at craft shows for years until I ran out of the ribbon.

If I were to make one like it again, I'd use fabric paint, make a stamp and "print" my own ribbon.

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