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Default Re: How about a critique?

Originally Posted by 5girls View Post
looks good!
question though.... when a girl wear one of these bows, does she wear it on top of her ponytail? How do you actually get them in without the rubberband flipping them underneath the ponytail? Just asking, because my girls don't wear hairbows very often, and I don't know how to put them in their hair.
They go on top of the ponytail. You put your daughter's hair in a very high ponytail (think unicorn LOL) with a regular ponytail holder. Then take the ponytail holder attached to the bow & loop the elastic under one loop of the ponytail's elastic and adjust the bow so that it is straight, then continue looping the elastic around the ponytail like a regular pony elastic goes in. By running it under one wrap of the ponytail it keeps the bow in place and from falling out during tumbling & stunting.

Originally Posted by SmashToTheLey View Post
Any feedback, constructive criticism, ooos, and/ or ahhhhhs would be greatly appreciated!

If you read my bow maker thread, you know some of my concerns. Let me know if they're legit or the concerns are in my head.

Thank you in advance :-)

PS - the bows are up for critiquing, my photography is not, lol. I know the pics are sub par, I just wanted to give ya'll an idea of the stuff I do :-)
I think the quality of your bows look great. If you are going to be marketing them as "Cheer" bows I would suggest going for bigger bows with wider widths of ribbon. Most of the cheerleaders here wear 2.25" as small bows and 3" as their standard bows. This season alot of teams even went for the 4" bows! In cheer the bigger the bow the better!
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