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Default Re: My new Cuttlebug won't cut ribbon

Originally Posted by Lilly_21 View Post
Like Cynthia has said before, it's not the machine that does the cutting, it's the die. You can buy Sizzix dies and you can use them with the Cuttlebug, I have the Cuttlebug but only use Sizzix dies, and I've tried cutting ribbon with them, and it doesn't work. It does cut the ribbon, it just doesn't make clean cuts like it does with felt. But maybe I'm wrong, and the Sizzix machine will do a better job.


The Cuttlebug has a ‘roller action’ and the Sizzix and Boss Kut have a ‘push down’ action. Pretty much, they do the same function, cuts!. You may need a converter or an adapter (not familiar which CB needs, as I hv the Sizzix) to be able to use Sizzix dies on your CB machine.

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