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Originally Posted by showers7x3 View Post
I have heard chargeing 3 times your material price. So that would make your 0-3 months 12 dollars, which if fair. You could maybe even do 15.00 Tutus are very cute and full.....when you first wear them or show them on the hanger. After that they are "worn" and look..well not as cute. A 0-3 month old girl will pry not wear it for more than pictures and 2-3 times as part of an outfit. Just a thought...Cute tutu tho..I have put mine on paper towel roll to get picture before
Thanks Andrea. I do not want to overcharge but I do not want to undercharge. I was thinking $25.00 might be too much to charge for a little baby tutu but then I have looked on Etsy only to see some people charge $8 and others $50 - $70. I was really confused by that. Thanks so much for the advice. I kind of use the 3x your cost method but I really have an actual equation I use to make sure I am calculating time and cost. I just did not like that number I came up with, it honestly was not enough, in my opinion so I thought I would take it to the board tehehe


Thank you. I also tried to compare prices on Etsy. I must say some of those tutus are very pricy and some are ridiculously underpriced (like sickening) I wouldn't want to charge that much but I also am making them to make a profit. The tutus also include a tulle puff hair clip. They do take some time to make them with cutting the tulle and actually making it so I want to make sure I am being fair in comparision with what others do charge. I have seen a lot of people only doing a double layer but I really like the triple layers or more.

Thanks again ladies. I appreciate you taking the time to give me advice and I would love to hear more.
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