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Default Re: What do you consider an over the top bow?

Ohh I adore the clay centers but your right they are pricey! But to me they really take the bow to the extra level. In my area it doesn't pay me to add that because most people simply won't pay the price I'd have to charge for them. But like you said online is different. Are you selling on Etsy or personal site, or Facebook?
Originally Posted by LizAnnsbows View Post
So, do you think $18 will be too much? I am starting to price some stacked boutique bows at 13. and I sold some. They have small clay center. I ordered some full body clay dolls and they cost me between 4. to 5 dollars... I can't price those at $13 because then it will be like giving the doll for free. So, what price does an OTT with all the features will usually sell for on line?
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