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Default Re: How to singe WHITE flowers without getting black on them

Originally Posted by noahsmom8497 View Post
Help! I'm using a polyester/taffeta type fabric. Is it too thick? Do I need something thinner that doesn't have to melt as much? I can't do it without getting black marks on the edges. Not cool! Suggestions?
I have heard of some gals trimming the burnt/black edges off. That would leave a UN-singed spot though, BUT you could then try to re-singe that spot?

Originally Posted by belizeancutie View Post
I'm assuming the blackness you're getting is soot from the smoke. Someone once mentioned using a heat gun/tool to make singed flowers. I think she mentioned that it could be found in the embossing section of the craft store.
OM GOSH, what a GREAT idea! My hubby has a heat gun, that he bought from harbor freight, CHEAP! I need to try this and see if it works!
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