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Default Re: Stupid question about gluing buttons to chiffon flowers

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
are you the one that doesn't like a needle & thread? cause i usually sew the button on (the 15 mm/smaller buttons work great for shabby flowers/smaller height shank) . . . but if i want it flat on the flower - then i poke a tiny hole thru the flower, put the button shank thru . . . and then cut off a 1/2" piece of an alli clip and put it thru the shank & then glue and also put a small piece of ribbon to cover the alli clip piece/cover the sharp end.

i just get nervous using glue . . . and tried to think of an alternative. kinda like the retail buttons that come on the cards.
Nope, I actually prefer to use a needle and thread instead of hot glue whenever possible. Now, cutting off pieces of alli clips, etc., is getting scary for me, but I can give sewing the shank on a shot. Since I'm using a cluster of three shabby flowers, I can try to position the button so that the shank slips between two of the flowers (it's a big button--25 or 26mm), allowing the button to lie flat.

I would put a penny-sized piece of felt underneath to give the thread something to attach to. I'd be covering the entire bottom with a piece of felt, anyway, before attaching it to a clip.

The beauty of sewing is that if it doesn't work out, I can carefully undo it and switch over to glue!

Thank you!
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