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Default Re: anyone need product photography?

Originally Posted by byfrantoo View Post
Okay, this is totally off this subject, but I would like to put this out to you.
I sit in the evening and watch tv and crochet. I have a TON of crocheted edge baby blankets that are sitting here waiting for babys to be wrapped in them. PLEASE take one! if you let me know a general idea of color theme, boy or girl I would love to send you one! granted, I know in Ca. it is pretty warm for blankets, but winter will come. I just need to find a baby to give one to every once in a while.
Serious! my personal e-mail is [email protected] if you would like one, no strings attached, other than the crochet thread!


Fran, if you have blankets that you would love to donate to a wonderful charity, look into donating them to your local hospital. I am a volunteer for a charity called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. We photograph babies who pass in utero or after being born, or have been diagnosed with a condition that is not compatible with life so don't have long lives ahead of them and likely won't ever leave the hospital. I can't tell you how much I appreciate when a nurse brings a blanket or a knit hat to use when photographing these babies. A lot of the time the parents are blindsided by the death of their child and don't even have time to bring an outfit or a trinket so we photograph them in what we can, and usually it's the standard sterile blankets. So if you ever need to trim down your blanket stock, a hospital is a great place to start. I think as long as your local hospital is familiar with the charity, I would think you might be able to request the blankets only go to those babies (if you would like them to be used that way). Thanks!
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