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Default Re: replace flip lfop straps

Originally Posted by 5girls View Post
I am so tired of my kids flip flop straps breaking. I want to make ribbon or leater straps to relace the plastice straps with, but can't find any tuts on how to do it. I have the general consept down, but not sure what to use to hols the ribbon/leather in the the hole. I could knot it and glue it, b ut I want it to look good enough that my teens would wear them in public. Are there any kind of plugs that would work? I don't want to use buttons, although that would probabaly work, but again, I want my finicky teenagers to feel comfortable wearing them in public.
Any ideas or tut would be very helpful.
I apologize! I realize you didn't want the knots and glue option, lol.
I do believe a nice square knot covered with clear-drying glue wouldn't be very noticeable. I think the more 'crafty' they look, the more likely they are to be taken as crafts, and not the run-of-the-mill store-brought brand =)
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