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Default Re: replace flip lfop straps

I have been researching this craft too!

The most useful I found...
Snip off the plastic (broken) straps. Choose a nice ribbon or elastic. Thread the piece through the holes in the flip-flop the same way the original straps were. Secure them underneath the shoe sole by tying a knot, and adding a bit of good craft glue or craft cement (I plan to try E-6000). Snip of any excess so the knot isn't bulky and uncomfortable under the foot.

The good thing about using your own ribbon is that you can leave it long, and wrap it a couple times around the kid's ankles and tie a bow in the back.

I would use plain black elastic for boys shoes, or maybe some cool camouflage ribbon. The possibilities for girls are, of course, endless!

If my directions aren't too clear, I can look for the links again for you.

Good luck!
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