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Originally Posted by Wendy523 View Post
those little girls are so cute! I could have fun making bows for the bottom of braids! In the Saddleseat world they would probably deduct points for that, not even allowed have braids, it has to be in a bun. I'm pretty new to it all, but that's one thing I've learned. I tried to have my daughter wear some flashier more fun bows but her trainer and the show manager strongly advised against it They have to wear a bun and a small bow, I've attached a picture that you can see my daughter with her bow on before her show. I copied the style from the bows I'd seen at previous shows and from online. DD picked out her ribbon

Good luck to you!!!
Such a cute little bow! Love it! I was always intrigued by the saddleseat riders, it is such a different style! I love their flowy jackets too Hope she does well in her shows!
Thanks again,
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