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Default Re: Horse Show Bows

I'm selling bows at my daughters horse show June 10 This one is just at her barn. But at her last Academy show (UPHA spring show) the show manager who is also the owner of the barn she rides at asked if I wanted to sell them at the academy show because she liked mine (she saw the one I made for my dd and her friends at the barn) but I didn't have enough stock at the time. At the Academy show I saw the lady she usually uses and she does a nice job, I kind of feel bad if I do the next UPHA show, but I didn't bring it up, so I shouldn't feel bad LOL!!! She rides saddle seat and the bows have to be small and not distracting, they put them on their chignon/buns below their derby or helmet. I've been told they prefer the alligator clips because it's easier to work with them and the hairnet. So probably depends on what discipline they are riding and what the regulations are. What kind of horse shows will you be at?

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