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Default Re: HeatNBond Ultra vs lite

Originally Posted by dhelt View Post
Does everyone use heat and bond lite for their cheer bows. the directions I purchased says lite but I have been using the ultra (red package) becuase the lite (purple) says temporary.

Also, when using the mystic does everyone put the heat and bond on the entire piece. I have seen bows at competitions and it looks like it is just on the edges and they are not super stiff? I am trying to figure this out. I don't want to waste any fabric as it is expensive! Thanks In advance, so looking forward to stepping up my bows!

I have always used the HnB Lite. I find the Ultra makes the fabric too stiff and the layers almost unworkable for me.

I have found when using the HnB with the spandex fabrics, it is best to let the fabric cool down once it is fused to the ribbon base. If you try and work with it prior to that, it peels up.

When layering with spandex, I also cover the entire piece of fabric with HnB. I have never been able to make it look right if I only cover the edges.


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